Big 99 cent Sale on SNK Games

SNK, a publisher of classic arcade games, is running a massive sale right now, dropping the price of their games to less than a dollar!

This sale is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the King of Fighters series, and should be over by the end of the weekend.

There are a ton of excellent games in this sale. The King of Fighters series are classic fighting games, and all feature full MFi controller support. The Metal Slug games are some of the best shoot-em-ups ever, though only the third features MFi controller support at this time.

This sale is a great opportunity for classic arcade game fans to round out their collections.

Wayward Souls MFi Controller Support Coming Soon

As promised, the second update to action-RPG Wayward Souls will fully support MFi controllers, and has just been submitted to Apple. Developer Rocketcat Games took to twitter to announce it:

Rocketcat Games says:

Wayward Souls update was submitted by the way. I’ll be able to post details on Monday. Still in Europe.

The Wayward Souls update coming up is the one with MFI support. Didn’t get cloud save sync in, but did save document exporting like in MG.

Apple’s review process lasts about a week these days, so barring an unforeseen complication, we should look forward to seeing this update hit within that timeframe.

Rocketcat Games’ pricing structure with Wayward Souls is interesting: every major update will increment the price by $1. For MFi controller fans, it might make sense to give the game a download today, before the price increase. Even without a controller, It’s a fun game, oozing with polish, and it’s worth the relatively premium price tag.

Coming Soon: Mikey Boots

It looks like Beavertap Games, makers of the excellent Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks games, are about set to release their much-awaited follow-up game: Mikey Boots.

Official Trailer (Source:BeaverTapGames)

Mikey Boots is the third game in the “Mikey” trilogy, and sees the hero augmented with a set of jet boots, with gameplay shifting to a sort of cave-flyer style game - a genre that has seen renewed popularity on the back of the success of Flappy Bird.

According to TouchArcade, Mikey Boots will include “a half dozen unique environments across 42 levels, two playable characters, 230 different disguise combinations, achievements, MFi controller support, and Game Center. (Source)

Mikey Boots cave dodging screenshot
Dodge fireballs by carefully timing your ascent

Both Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks, the previous games in the series, are excellent. Both feature MFi controller support for both Standard and Extended layouts, with Mikey Hooks featuring complete touch-free control over menus, in addition to gameplay.

Mikey Hooks is a particularly brilliant platformer, and despite it’s age, it still holds its own against newer iOS platformers quite well. But the gameplay of these previous games is much more in the vein of the traditional platformer, rather than the “hold to levitate and avoid crashing into things” mechanic re-popularized by Flappy Bird and incorporated by Mikey Boots.

Mikey Boots customized character dodging
Extensive character customization accompanies challenging levels

In fact, Beavertap Games developer (and frequent TouchArcade podcast contributor) Mike Meade previously joked about making the third Mikey game “Mikey Flaps” instead. That didn’t happen, and I hope I speak for everyone when I say the world is worse off for it. But considering Hodappy Bird is a thing that exists, perhaps this joke has gone far enough already.

Mikey Boots has been submitted to Apple, and barring any complications, should be available within the next few weeks.

TteSports MFi Controller To Be Revealed at CES 2015?

TteSports, the competitive gaming branch of PC gaming hardware company ThermalTake, recently took to Facebook to share a teaser image for their upcoming “Contour” MFi controller.

TteSports MFi Controller Facebook CES2015 teaser image
Soon? (Source:Facebook)

This new teaser image shows an updated and polished version of the controller design revealed at Computex this year, which was acknowledged to be a hardware prototype.

Hands on with the first prototype (Source:MegaTechNews)

Accompanying the teaser image on Facebook was the hashtag #CES2015. Presumably, that means we can expect to see a public reveal of this controller at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January.

While January is a long way away from the September / October timeframe hinted in the original demonstration video, that timeframe always seemed completely unfeasible in the first place, considering the state of the first prototype, and the fact that TteSports didn’t have MFi approval for their design, and likely wouldn’t get it unless things like Android compatibility were removed.

Despite the potentially long wait for this controller to be released, the design actually looks quite excellent. It’s full size, substantial, with solid looking analog inputs, a foldable arm for holding an iPhone, and a decent looking d-pad. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until next year’s CES for some more information about it.

Link: 'Huge 'Lunar Silver Star Story Touch' Update Still Coming, Includes Graphical Overhaul and Controller Support'

Lunar: Silver Star Story, a classic JRPG from over 20 years ago, is about ready to receive a major update including redrawn widescreen retina graphics and MFi controller support. TouchArcade has the story.

This update was announced a long time ago, back in November of last year. Since then, it had gone unmentioned by the developers. While some feared it had been cancelled, it turns out that the depth of the graphical overhaul simply required a bit more time. The Lunar update is finally scheduled to be released within the next few weeks.

Lunar Silver Star Story iPhone MFi controller update and graphics overhaul screenshot
Beautifully redrawn widescreen graphics (Source:TouchArcade)

Jared at TouchArcade says:

As you can see, the in-game sprites are really cleaned up and much sharper looking than they were originally. Also, since the original game was a 4:3 aspect ratio SoMoGa states that they have created “all-new artwork adjustments to provide a complete widescreen gameplay experience” for the new version of Lunar Touch. Additionally, the update will provide support for MFi controllers for those who want to play with physical controls. All in all it sounds like a really impressive update for a nearly 2 year old port of a 20+ year old game.

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If everything goes as planned, we could be seeing this update within the next few weeks. Personally, I’ve been excited for this one since the announcement way back in November, so consider me excited.

Updated: Oceanhorn: Game of the Year Edition

Oceanhorn, one of the very best action-RPGs available for iOS, recently received a free “Game of the Year Edition” upgrade.

This update brings 4 hours of additional content, mostly in the form of an entertaining new fishing minigame and an extensive new island.

Oceanhorn Game of the Year Edition fishing screenshot

If you’re a fan of RPGs who hasn’t downloaded Oceanhorn yet, fix that immediately. This is one of the most polished and most well constructed gaming experiences available on iOS , and with this update, it’s better than ever.

Coming Soon: TteSports Contour MFi Controller

Looks like we have another MFi controller on the horizon: PC hardware manufacturer ThermalTake plans on releasing an MFi controller under their TteSports Contour label.

Tt eSports MFi controller hands-on (Source:MegaTechNews)

As originally reported by MegaTechNews, Tt eSports gave a brief hands-on demonstration of an early prototype of this new controller at Computex 2014 back in June.

Michael Kwan at MegaTechNews says:

When I had a chance to play with the early prototype version on the COMPUTEX trade show floor, I immediately noticed that it has a good amount of weight too. This gives you a good assurance to the overall build quality and the layout will immediately feel very familiar to people coming from the Xbox universe. You’ll also notice a flip-up arm, not dissimilar to the MOGA, to hold your smartphone in place while gaming too.

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Based on the video, and on the accompanying description, this TteSports controller is still in the relatively early stages in development. Apple has at least given their approval, though I’d strongly expect that certain things mentioned in the video, such as cross-platform compatibility, will not be making it to the final version.

Tt eSports Mobile Gaming MFi controller picture
Bluetooth connection and an integrated iPhone holder

Very little is known about this controller. I haven’t been able to find much in the way of references to it outside of this one article, and a one-line mention in a TteSports press release. TteSports would not respond to requests for comment.

Despite the dearth of available information today, I expect TteSports will be sharing much more about this controller as it gets closer to release. I know a lot of gamers are eagerly awaiting the first full-size bluetooth MFi controller, and it is nice to see another manufacturer enter the race.

Coming Soon: ‘Bioshock’ for iOS, with MOGA Rebel Gameplay

A game announced 5 years ago played with a controller announced 5 months ago

Bioshock for iOS. It’s real. It’s happening. It has MFi controller support. And later this summer, you’ll be wanting to download it immediately.

This is a game with a long history. Bioshock for iOS was announced years ago, at least as far back as 2008. It immediately became one of the more highly anticipated iPhone games, but ended up dropping off the radar entirely. This all changed a few weeks ago, when publisher 2K Games tweeted an image that seemed to imply Bioshock for Apple devices was back on.

At some indeterminate point over the past few weeks, members of the press (no not including myself) were allowed to spend some hands-on time with Bioshock. Interestingly enough, they were allowed to play it using the MOGA Rebel controller. A controller which was promised to be revealed months ago, then which completely vanished, along with MOGA themselves.

Bioshock iOS for iPad with the Moga Rebel MFi Controller
Bioshock and the Moga Rebel (Source:GameSpot)

Hands-on Impressions

First, TouchArcade provides an exhaustive, excellent hands on preview of the game, complete with 20 minutes of gameplay footage. Interestingly, they make no mention of the unannounced Rebel controller, perhaps implying that they already have one and are under NDA. Still, their impressions of the game are absolutely worth a look.

Jared from TouchArcade says:

[…] All in all Bioshock on iOS is the same Bioshock we’ve known for the past 7 years. It controls just as good as any first-person shooter on a touchscreen, and paired with an MFi controller it’s just like playing on a console. The visuals have been ever so slightly toned down, but you’d be hard-pressed to tell. There are a couple of nifty extras like a digital art book and Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements, but the biggest benefit of all is that the whole shebang fits snugly in your pocket. Or bag if you’re playing on iPad. But either way, it’s quite a marvel.

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Next up, GameSpot shows a full video of actually playing the game with a controller (which they incorrectly refer to as the Moga Hero Power), and writes up additional detailed impressions of the game. Notably, GameSpot is NOT an iOS focused organization, so their impressions of the iOS version are the occasionally jaded views of PC and console gamers.

Justin Haywald from GameSpot says:

If the only thing stopping you from experiencing last-gen classic BioShock was the lack of a portable option, you’re about to have one less excuse. Publisher 2K announced today that BioShock is coming to iOS.

But in a hands-on session with an early build of the game, it seems to be a remarkably faithful port of the original. Obvious concessions had to be made to fit the game on less-powerful hardware, so there’s a noticeable dip in quality in the game’s textures, lighting and shadows, and sound compared to the original. Yet even with the downgrades, it’s still an impressive mobile accomplishment.

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The Moga Rebel

While it might not compare with Bioshock’s 6 year period between announcement and release, the MOGA Rebel has still been missing in action for quite some time. Originally teased back in February, MOGA revealed a partial image of the controller, and promised more information at GDC.

MOGA Rebel MFi controller mockup
Mock-up of the Moga Rebel I created based on the leaked teaser - not bad at all, I think

Unfortunately, after inviting members of the press to a meeting at GDC, MOGA abruptly cancelled the reveal. Since that time, their status as a company is unclear. Their controller has fluctuated in availability, having been pulled from the Apple Store for a few months, only to be returned recently. Requests for comment have gone unresponded.

It’s great to see that both the MOGA Rebel and Bioshock for iOS are making progress - it’s been a long time coming in both cases. Bioshock for iOS is scheduled for release later this summer. Hopefully the MOGA Rebel won’t be far behind.

New Release: Lawnmower Retro Arcade (NES)

Lawnmower Retro Arcade, a NES rom inside an emulator with full MFi controller support, was just released on the App Store. It’s unclear if this was an oversight on Apple’s part, or a change in policy, but traditionally they’ve frowned on emulators.

Lawnmower Retro Arcade NES Emulator MFi controller support screenshot
A NES game with MFi controller support

Fans of the NES with a little technical know-how (and who aren’t interested in jailbreaking) will want to download this one immediately, on the off chance Apple removes it from sale.

Also a nice bonus: for those not interested in any behind-the-scenes fiddling, the Lawnmower game itself is actually strangely addicting…

New Release: Super Crossfighter

Super Crossfighter, a highly polished arcade game from developer Radian Games, has just been released for free with MFi controller support.

Taking inspiration squarely from Space Invaders and similar games, Super Crossfighter further expands on the genre by adding a unique “warp” feature, where you can quickly send your ship from the bottom of the screen to the top in order to collect powers and dodge incoming projectiles. From that point on, you continue playing the game from the top of the screen down until you warp back again. It’s an interesting mechanic that adds a level of depth to this game that distances it from being a mere Space Invaders clone.

Super Crossfighter MFi game controller preview image

Super Crossfighter has a somewhat complicated history. It was originally titled Super Crossfire, and published by Chillingo on a wide variety of platforms. Unfortunately, that name was subject to a trademark dispute, forcing the removal of the original version from sale. Developer Radian Games has opted to rename and re-release the game under their own identity, without Chillingo’s involvement.

Because of all these issues, Super Crossfighter is currently free for a very limited time, to allow owners of the previous release to upgrade. Even if you’ve never purchased the previous version of the game, now is a great time to give this one a try - it’s a lot of fun, and you can’t argue with the price.