Wikipad Gamevice Game Controller Information Overview

Wikipad Gamevice iPad Controller Overview Image


The Gamevice is an Extended layout iPad Mini game controller produced by Wikipad.

As per the Extended layout specifications, the Gamevice features 4 face buttons (ABXY), a d-pad, 2 left and 2 right shoulder buttons, 2 analog sticks, and a pause button. This is in contrast to the Standard controller layout specification, which loses the 2 lower shoulder buttons and 2 analog sticks. The face buttons, shoulder buttons, analog sticks, and d-pad are all pressure sensitive.

The Gamevice connects to the iPad via Lightning. Due to the physical design of the controller, it will be compatible solely with the iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina display. The controller exists as two pieces that pull apart, allowing the iPad to be housed in between.

Two versions of the Gamevice are currently planned: one with a backup battery and one without. The battery would approximately double the capacity of the iPad, with both versions able to charge via mini USB. It is currently unknown if the Gamevice supports USB power passthrough.


Wikipad is a well regarded Android hardware manufacturer. Their eponymous Wikipad is a 7-inch Android gaming tablet with an included controller very similar to this one. They have also released a detachable Android tablet controller also known as the Gamevice. Wikipad’s products are generally regarded as high quality, and hands-on impressions of this Gamevice controller from E3 are positive.

Compatible Games

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