MFi Controller Compatible iPhone and iPad Game List

Total : 444 Games

iOS Controller Compatible Apps

Total : 20 Apps

Currently Unavailable

These apps and games are fully controller supported, but have been removed from sale for one reason or another. If you’ve already purchased any of these apps, you should be able to redownload them by searching through your “Purchased Apps” in the App Store

Total : 13 Apps

About Compatibility Testing

A large proportion of these games have been hand tested by us to verify compatibility with both the “Standard” layout of the Logitech controller and “Extended” layout of the MOGA controller.

These test results are generous in terms of awarding compatibility - a game needs to be playable in a meaningful way with the controller in order to pass the test. For example: Several Extended games rely on the directional pad and ignore the analog sticks. A large number of games don’t support controllers outside of gameplay itself, requiring touch navigation for the menu system. Some games say to hit the ‘A’ key when they actually mean the B key. These flaws are not game breaking, so they don’t count against our classification at this time

Games are marked as “Standard only” or “Extended only” if there is a serious problem with playing the game on one layout.. For example: several shooter games map the gun trigger to the bottom shoulder button on the Extended controller; this button doesn’t exist in the Standard layout, making it impossible to shoot using a Standard controller.

Games marked as Broken either include unfinished controller support or promised controller support on their description page that turned out to be missing. They’re on the list in the hopes that they’ll be updated for compatibility soon.

A Message to Readers and App Developers

We have strived to make this list as complete as possible, but even if we did manage to find every MFi controller compatible game in existence today, new games are always coming.

If you are a reader and know of a game missing from this list, or if you are a developer and want your game to appear on this list, or want to communicate with us regarding MFi controller compatibility in any way, email us at, contact us at @afterpad on twitter, or follow us or send a message on Tumblr.