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This MFi game catalog attempts to keep track of every single game with MFi controller compatibility. Every single item on this list has been hand-tested with both Standard layout controllers and Extended layout bluetooth controllers.

Games marked as "Extended Controllers Only" require a full controller layout with analog sticks and triggers or lower shoulder buttons. In effect, this means they are compatible with every controller except the Logitech PowerShell, which lacks the required inputs. Games mared as "PowerShell Only" will only work with the PowerShell, due to limitations in Apple's controller API. Games marked as "Incompatible with Bluetooth" do not work with wireless controllers, and require one of the Lightning equipped options.

I have strived to make this list as complete as possible, but more games keep coming every day. If you know of a game missing from this list, or if you are a developer and want your game to appear on this list, or want to communicate with us regarding MFi controller compatibility in any way, send an email to, message @afterpad on twitter, or follow on Tumblr.