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Shoot the Dragons

Weedo Technology Co., Limited
  • Universal iPhone + iPad

Shoot the Dragons

Our target:
Be the greatest horizontal shooter on mobile!

About the Game:
Are you ready to SHOOT?
Shoot the Dragons is a challenging shump game with classic gameplay. Packed with humor and modern design, Shoot the Dragons is endlessly replayable and features deep storytelling. It\'s more than just a game, it\'s an experience!

"Well-Animated Horizontal Shoot \'em Up That Looks Like Fun" - TouchArcade
"Super clean art style and fluid animations reminiscent of Rayman Origins" - PocketGamer
"Played 3 seconds, already love it" - thumbs07
"The heritage to Jetpack Joyride with a bit of Rayman craziness" - Lee
“It literally SHINE in pretty much every aspect” - Macro

• Endless, classic, increasingly difficult shooting
• Explore the exotic world of Pandora
• Dash, capture, collect and mix different play styles
• Dozens of unique monsters designed to entertain you
• Unlockable characters and buddies with fun skills
• Various upgrades and items to choose
• Meaningful story with secrets to be unveiled
• Immersive music and enchanting sound effects
• Humorous and absurd art and animation
• Discover tons of Easter eggs…and some normal eggs too

• Shoot the Dragons is compatible with the iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 3 or newer, and iPad mini 2 or newer.


Every new update of shoot the dragons is designed to bring us closer to our goal of being the best horizontal 'SHUMP' game on your mobile and increase your enjoyment!
Adventurers! Our latest version aims to increase both your in-game experience and gameplay, enjoy your time on Pandora!

## What’s new
1.The Boss ranking list UI has been improved. Players can intuitively view their position within the list and directly compare it with players in the same time section (each section will display no greater than 20 players). With this, players can now more easily check their weekly rewards!
2.Coins chests - You will receive random amounts of coins in this chest which can be purchased from the shop using your gems. Do you feel lucky, then take a chance and get some extra coins!
## Upgrades
1. UI refined - This includes Event rewards and the opening time for them. We've made it easier for players to check the timing on when Events are due to open.
2. Players can easily see the power bonus given through your choice of Buddy during the preparation screen.
3. Players can 'share the moment' on social media when they are promoted in either the League or Boss Time rankings.
4. Players can manually upload or download their save in settings.
5. Lucky Palace UI improved. Animation of the progress bar and the collectible item selection page optimized.
6. Achievement system refined:
* The animation of the 'achievement achieved' event has been improved
* Players can see the progress of any achievement by a percentage that will be shown on it.
7. Optimized animation when players receive 3-star collection items through chests.
8. Gold Pig King challenges have been improved. Gold Pig King now has 2 forms and will change his appearance each stage.
9. Enhanced Avatars - Players in the 2 to 10 Boss ranking positions will receive better avatars now to reflect their achievements.
##Bug fixed
A few minor bugs squished and leftover mince pies removed from V1.2.9 to enhance your enjoyment on Pandora.
All of us here at Weedo want to wish every one of you a very happy New Year and hope you've enjoyed how things have progressed so far with the game. We promise that this is only the start!