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Unity-chan WA!

Yoshikazu Yananose
  • Universal iPhone + iPad

Unity-chan WA!

You can fly freely 3D field with wire!
Cute Unity-chan real wire action appeared!
In addition, You can play with VR (`・ω・´)

"Shoot" "Pull" & "Release"
Simply touch the screen and drag to aim for the goal.
Game over when falling into the water and "Mood" becomes 0.

The number of stages, including random generation, is 8 in total.
Once you clear it all you will be able to use new characters!

■ 3 play modes installed
"Normal mode" to swipe the screen and operate the camera,
"Gyro mode" in which the camera is operated by tilting the smartphone,
"VR mode" to operate with VR goggles and joypad,
Three play modes are installed.

■ You can experience the VR
Unity-chan is in front of you!
A new experience as if you are flying in the sky.
Do not you want to take a look at VR\'s wire action?

※ About VR mode ※
· VR goggles are necessary.
· Joypad with MFi authentication is required.
· Because your eyes get bad, please do not play under 13 years old.
· It may be "VR sickness" which resembles motion sickness.
· Please stop playing when you feel sick.


The first lap was made to display the arrow pointing to the goal!