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Welcome to the AfterPad Apple TV Catalog!

We all love our Apple TVs, but nobody loves searching for apps and games on it. The Apple TV is a box with a tremendous amount of power, but it often feels like that power is locked behind a confusing and inaccessible app store.

This catalog aims to change that. AfterPad provides a web frontend for searching and browsing the Apple TV store, as well as curating the best of the best into an Editor's Choice section geared towards power users.

This catalog is currently an early beta - much can and will change in the future, and I make no claims about its longevity or stability.

Lastly, while this catalog provies (for the first time) a great way to view and share information about Apple TV exclusive apps, I still can't help with the actual downloading process. Downloading exclusive apps still requires you to go to your Apple TV and search for it the hard way. However, universal apps can be downloaded directly to iPhone or iPad, and they'll automatically show up on your Apple TV.

If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, get in touch on Twitter or in the AfterPad forums; I'll always be happy to help.