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Billavi wrote:

I haven't had any problems with my Nimbus under iOS 10, but I couldn't get my C.T.R.L.i. to work at all.  I downloaded the Mad Catz app to see if there was a firmware update (nope), then tried to button testing utility to make sure that everything was working.  It was.  When I next played something, it worked and stayed connected for about 30 minutes while playing two games (Space Marshals 2 and Xenowerk).

It's a possible work-around.  I'll try playing one game for a longer amount of time tomorrow.

*Update* nope. Still disconnects. And it goes completely dead and won't turn back on again until I take out the batteries

Yep. I have the same issues with the CTRLi. I also have to take out the batteriries to get it to connect again. Since the iOS 10.0.2 update, things have only gotten worse for me. The device will connect, but it doesn't function anymore in any game. Gonna reset my connection and see if that might fix something.

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Yep. Me too. Installed newest iOS 10 version. Problem is still there. I filed a bug report with Apple. My gamepad is collecting dust in the corner... 😢

Meanwhile I have posted the problem on various forums and I also mailt the dude from The Verge that wrote the "glory-glory-halelujah" iOS 10 article. I tweeted Apple for a fix. ...And I will try to get as much attention as possible...

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I have tested my CTRLi with my sons iPad mini 2 with iOS 9.3.5 and the controller works fine, no disconnects. With my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro 12.9" on iOS 10 I have disconnects at random with any MFI game, mostly after a minute of 10 or so. I have contacted Mad Catz and given them the results of my testing and also told them about the findings of you guys over here. The friendly support guy from Mad Catz will send my test results to the developers of Mad Catz and they will contact Apple - trying to solve the problem. So I think it is best that we contact the MFI gampad manufacturers, to get them moving to fix this annoying and frustrating problem.

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I have a Mad Catz CTRLi and have the same issues. Bluetooth disconnects at random with my iPad Pro 12.9" and my iPhone7. Both running iOS 10.0.1. I also have reset my network setting, but it did not help. I never had any problems with iOS 9 and have contacted Mad Catz about the issue. They say it is an iOS 10 problem and I should contact Apple... Sigh... Frustrating! I am gonna contact Apple...