#1 Re: MFi Controllers » Stratus XL LS Glitches » Sep 19 1:42 PM

The problem with these controllers has nothing to do with firmware. If it was firmware then power cycling would not fix it. The way I fix my controller is literally by smacking it and if it were firmware that wouldn't fix it either.  The only reason I know is that I used to run across very similar problems with my old PlayStation controllers after they get all old and beat up. The problem is the PCB also known as the printed circuit board. When controllers get beat up a lot or put together incorrectly the PCB becomes a little twisted. This can make buttons register as being pressed even if they are not. The outside of the controller looks really nice but I would imagine the inner guts are kind of a mess and not put together properly. There's no firmware  in existence that can fix terrible work. are also the kind of problems you might run into if you bought a refurbished controller and find out its broken. You'll be lucky if the steel series Stratus XL isn't broken right out of the box. Mine was and I didn't even realize it right away and now its too late to send back the the manufacture. Also the right trigger button started making a funny spring noises after only 3 hours of play. Now I'm stuck with a broken controller that was obviously broken right out of the box. These things look nice but there just not made well at all. If I had to guess... I would say a large batch of them got broken somehow either in storage or in transit. Either that way there's an entire Factory building them wrong. Either way the result is the same. I got mine from Best Buy but I've been reading that even people ordering straight from the manufacture having the exact same problems so I'm guessing it's just bad work at the factory or they knowingly put broken controllers in boxes and sold them to people. Neither would surprise me since there've been several companies caught using substandard products, selling secretly refurbished equipment as new and just downright lying and tricking their customers.... Electronic Arts GameStop Activision just to name a couple. Suffice it to say this is my first and last steeleseries product.