#1 Re: MFi Controllers » Stratus XL LS Glitches » Oct 29 12:31 PM

So I was having issues with my Stratus XL controller having either hyper sensitivity or no sensitivity on the right trigger,the "support" people at stratus are no help,dont even bother trying to ask them for any. I bought a brand new Stratus XL controller,right out of the box,never been used only for it to then tell me it needed a "critical firmware update" and to insert a micro USB into the controller and then into the computer only to find,oh,big surprise it didnt COME with the cable that I apparently NEED for this update so my lovely $50 controller will work properly. I did however find out today that this is an issue nobody with a PS4 will ever have to deal with since the cable used to charge the PS4 controllers is conveniently a micro USB. SteelSeries,get your act together and stop sending out products that need updating out of the box only to make us spend more money to buy the cables we need.