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Hi guys and gals my name is Aldo and I'm from Hanafunda - we are making a new MFI form fitting controller ( well we have been developing it for the past two years in super secret ), we will have our  to our page hanafunda.com or facebook/hanafunda to keep up worth news, Kevin you can download a press kit from the site or ask me direct for any images and details - this one is for every gamer with a iphone in their pocket ! Its pretty cool because it doesn't add any bulk to your phone - don't worry its cool, once we have finished prototypes we'll probably run a kickstarter campaign to get a production run so if anyone wants one that would be the time to get one. Stay tuned we will let everyone know what's happening. We're also making games as well ! Once we have time we will go through the process of the whole thing so everyone knows what's involved in the process of making hardware and MFI stuff too. Check it out ! Thanks.