Mfi dropping after ios10 update. Anyone else?

Noah wrote:

Really feel like going on a rant about iOS gaming. We can't have OS updates break games and controllers every year. So many good games gone; Jet Set Radio, Bioshock. Apple needs a "compatibility mode" or something. It's money down the drain.

I hear you. Can anyone say "Your holding it wrong?"

Anyway I have submitted a bug report. But I am not holding my breath... I don't have have disposable cash for a new IOS10 compatible device, so guess I will just be rolling back to 9 for a while.


The developer preview of iOS 10.1 is out. Would anyone who is experiencing this issue be willing to install the developer beta and see if the issue still shows up? Let me know, I can give you a link

Yes, can someone try iOS 10.1 beta 1 if it fixes the disconnection issue.

I was having trouble with the original Horipad (not the Ultimate) but I was able to fix it. I forgot that there is a small reset button buried into the back of the controller. It looks just like one of the screw holes. You have to reach in there with a pen or anything else handy and hold it down for like 10 seconds. Should work after that once you pair it again.

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Hi all,

I have the nimbus. No issues thus far on iPhone 7 plus running ios 10.01. Will try out ipad mini 4 over the weekend and see how that holds up!

There is a public beta out now: … blic-beta/

May try it in a bit.

EDIT: Downloading now!

EDIT: Playing some Ridge Racer and no problems so far, but we'll see.

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Controller crapped out during my 3rd race, wasn't able to reconnect. Issue does not seem to be fixed in this beta.

Another PXN Speedy, on iPhone 6S, and yeah having it cut out after a few minutes of gameplay. The first time, re pairing the Bluetooth sorted it out, second time no such luck ?

flintza, like the nimbus, the pxn speedy has a reset button in a hole on the back in which you can stick a paperclip to reset and re-pair the controller. still doesn't fix the overarching ios issue, but it will allow you to pair with another device or once ios is sorted.

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Thanks @SquareEyes. I'll try that.. and log a bug report with Apple (the more, the merrier!).

There's a minor update. I'm not bringing my controller at work though, so I can't confirm if it miraculously fixed our problem.

I also filed a bug and linked them to this thread.

just updated my ipad pro 9.7 with most recent ios 10 iteration and still no love. same issue as previous update. i was able to play for approx 6-7 minutes and then the pxn speedy controller lost connection and i had to hard reset it.

Yep. Me too. Installed newest iOS 10 version. Problem is still there. I filed a bug report with Apple. My gamepad is collecting dust in the corner... 😢

Meanwhile I have posted the problem on various forums and I also mailt the dude from The Verge that wrote the "glory-glory-halelujah" iOS 10 article. I tweeted Apple for a fix. ...And I will try to get as much attention as possible...

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will be trying a nimbus controller this week to see if it works. hate to give up on my pxn speedy.

Also rcvd acknowledgement from pxn speedy mnfctr via amazon review that their controller is currently not compatible with iOS 10:

"Sinus Iridum4 days ago
Sorry for the inconvenience.
The controller temporary NOT COMPATIBLE with iOS 10. It have some problem when connecting the controller, we have reflected this problem to Apple Inc., If this problem resolved we will inform you at the first time. Please wait patiently, thank you for your understanding and support."

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