The Gamevice is Now Available!

They have actually said air version will have lightning port as well.

Amacon18 wrote:

I see they posted a picture says air version coming soon does that mean same time as iPhone 6 version?

Air 2 version confirmed for October, whereas the iPhone version is confirmed for "later this year". I'm guessing the Air 2 one hits a month or so early, but the iPhone one is still out in time for the holidays.

MFiGamer wrote:

Hey just to confirm my previous claim that iPad Mini4 is infact slower than iPad Air 2, here's some GeekBench Comparision charts.

Apparently it's a Dual Core A8 clocked @1.5GHz with 2GB Ram.

Yeah, seems like they misspoke on stage. The RAM is still 2GB, which is very important for general tasks. Not sure about the GPU - haven't heard a clear answer on that one way or the other.

The screen is apparently full sRGB gamut now, which will correct the desaturated look of the older model.

I'm sure it's a very nice iPad, but the Gamer's iPad is still the Air 2.

Amacon18 wrote:

They have actually said air version will have lightning port as well.

I should have one very soon, I'll let you know 😜

I'm curious why they don't make something that fits every device and case. The current design means that if you want to upgrade your phone or tablet, eventually you'll have to change your entire game controller. The EOL of the game controller is heavily correlated to the lifespan use of your specific device. How many devices have you changed over the past few months or years? New iOS versions eventually mandate a change just to run the device smoothly. Not to mention a lot of people use protective cases that will be incompatible. So something that simply 'clamps on' (as I mentioned in another thread) and works with nearly any device or case would be highly appreciated. Any developer listening?

Think of it this way .. if you buy something for your car or house .. would you prefer to purchase an item that is solely proprietary for the car or house or something that can be removed and utilized with your next purchase? It's the same for computer equipment. Would you buy a mouse that is only specifically made for a computer model or would you prefer something that not only works perfectly with your current computer but can be transitiioned to the next one?

When you buy a propertietory item, more often than not, it will most likely depreciate in value faster than an equivalent item that can continued to be used with something else -- with exception of 'vintage items' which are purely subjective and mainly based on trends.

Sometimes you have no choice - car seats covers, protective cases, etc. But, if given a choice, I think most people will choose the one that is more universal.

Please don't get me wrong. The GameVice sounds completely awesome and the fact it's not dependent on bluetooth is amazing. But I would really like to see something that clamps to the sides and is able to used with nearly any device and case instead of just one specific model. Games are going the way of iCloud saves. I can go from device to another (tablet, phone, upgrading) and continue my progress. The game controller should be made with that in mind as well. Imagine a single game controller that fits anything.

Now one could argue the controller needs to be a different size. But I don't think that's true. I think there can be multiple sizes offered (based on hand comfort) and the customer can choose which size he/she prefers.  If it clamps on, the actual size won't matter as long as it can grasp on to the device.

I typed too much again ... back to work. 😊

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They have been really quite about air version do we know If it's still coming this October?

I certainly hope so! The design is almost identical to the currently-available iPad Mini version, it shouldn't take too long to get the Air one out.

iPad Pro in the future?

I thought about that for a second or two and then just got the steel series nimbus controller for my pro, In my opinion I just don't think the gamevice is a good match for a iPad pro, it's just way to big to hold comfortably for a long time.
The nimbus is fantastic controller, best thing is you can use it with most iPad's/iPhones

They said air would come before iPhone version, wonder what the major hold up is on air model

@MOFO: After considerable thought I came to a similar conclusion. Though I opted to go with the Steel Series Stratus instead of the Nimbus. I figured it's easier to carry and you can pop the controller cover onto the back in order to make the controller thicker for peeps with larger hands (like myself).

They just gave up on iPad Air version lol

Nah, it's coming. They just had to work out a few design complications. Hopefully soon!

Can you comment at all on design of air version, does iPad stick way out top and bottom similar to concept pictures from year ago?  I'm very tempted to go pick up a mini 3 and gamevice to relive playing all the FF games 😉

As far as I know, the design is unchanged from the early prototype.

I got to play with the prototype last year at CES, and it was excellent. Sad about the delays, because I want to buy one!