Minecraft PE to Get MFi Controller Support

Good news for Minecraft fans: Minecraft PE is getting MFi controller support! Less good news: it probably won’t be coming before fall. But still.

As spotted by TouchArcade, Minecraft developer (and Microsoft subsidiary) Mojang recently held a live QA session about the future of the game, answering questions from Reddit. Among the many topics that came up was controller support.

QA Transcript Excerpt

dinbored Asks:
When will Minecraft PE get controller support (needs to be rebindable!)
Well, I mean, if it needs to be re-bindable then I have no idea (laughs). And, we need to fit it in, in combination with all of the other features we’re going to have. I don’t think we’re going to have it before the summer. […] Maybe fall.
What about Keyboard support?
We’re not planning to add keyboard support. At some point, maybe it’ll come out by itself, but not for the moment.

This seems pretty straightforward. Re-bindability aside, it seems controller support will be making its way to Minecraft before too long. Other things seem to have priority at the moment, but at least the developers are actively looking into it. Keyboard support – a rarity on iOS anyways – seems much less likely.

Personally, all I can say is: it’s about time. Minecraft has been by far the most common request I’ve seen for MFi controller support. Nothing else even comes close. When Mojang finally pushes out this update, a lot of people are going to be very happy.

If you’re curious about what else is coming to Minecraft, be sure to watch the video of the QA session, read TouchArcade’s coverage of it, or check out a partial transcript by the folks at Powered By Redstone.