Preorder the New Gaming Apple TV Today

We've been waiting for this day for the past several years, but it's finally here: the new gaming Apple TV is available for preorder right now. Today. Really. Do it now!

I bought one of these as soon as I possibly could. It's available in both 32gb and 64gb configurations – I have no idea what the differences are, and opted for the 32gb model, which I'll return if there turns out to be a difference.

Expect a massive influx of gaming-related news for the new Apple TV. Now that it's officially on sale, developer NDAs are coming to an end, and developers can start the mad rush to promote their games before the Apple TVs reach the hands of average consumers next week.

AfterPad will be tracking these games as much as possible – the Apple TV Catalog was recently updated with new additions, and will continue to be updated as new games and controllers are revealed.