Updated: Metal Slug 3

The Metal Slug Series – Metal Slug 3, specifically, so far – has finally received it’s long-awaited update for MFi controller support!

These games have been on my shortlist since the day the program was announced. And with good reason – these are fast-paced, high tension shooters that require quick reflexes and delicate movements. If you don’t think any of this lends itself to touchscreen gaming, you’re right – The Metal Slug games are frustrating to play with touch.

Shoot swarms of enemies, rescue hostages, and try (hard!) not to die

Enter the game controllers. Developers SNK Playmore and porter Dotemu have partnered on several other App Store releases – Blazing Star, R-Type, R-Type II, the Double Dragon series, two different King of Fighters games – with that record, it was only a matter of time until Metal Slug got the update

Fans of arcade games and side-scrolling shooters, just trust me on this one. I dumped way more quarters than they’re asking for now into this game at various points in my life. This is a true classic of the genre, one of the best arcade games in the App Store, and an easy recommendation.