Classic iOS RPG ‘Oceanhorn’ Updated with iPhone 7 Optimizations

Fresh off the back of a successful console port, the original iOS version of Oceanhorn was just updated to take full advantage of the latest iPhone 7 hardware.

In addition to new graphic effects, this latest update adds a “Power Boost” toggle, which allows you potentially get enhanced performance at a cost of battery life. As someone who never runs into battery trouble, I wish all games had this – give me maximum performance any day!

Oceanhorn has always been a top-tier iOS game, and the developers have consistently updated and improved it to take advantage of the latest iOS technologies. Except, oddly enough, for 12.9-inch iPad Pro resolution support. Maybe someday.

If you’re an RPG fan who somehow failed to download Oceanhorn before now, well, there’s no time like the present to experience one of the best RPGs on the iOS platform.