Coming Soon: TteSports Contour MFi Controller

Looks like we have another MFi controller on the horizon: PC hardware manufacturer ThermalTake plans on releasing an MFi controller under their TteSports Contour label.

Tt eSports MFi controller hands-on (Source:MegaTechNews)

As originally reported by MegaTechNews, Tt eSports gave a brief hands-on demonstration of an early prototype of this new controller at Computex 2014 back in June.

Michael Kwan at MegaTechNews says:

When I had a chance to play with the early prototype version on the COMPUTEX trade show floor, I immediately noticed that it has a good amount of weight too. This gives you a good assurance to the overall build quality and the layout will immediately feel very familiar to people coming from the Xbox universe. You’ll also notice a flip-up arm, not dissimilar to the MOGA, to hold your smartphone in place while gaming too.

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Based on the video, and on the accompanying description, this TteSports controller is still in the relatively early stages in development. Apple has at least given their approval, though I’d strongly expect that certain things mentioned in the video, such as cross-platform compatibility, will not be making it to the final version.

Tt eSports Mobile Gaming MFi controller picture
Bluetooth connection and an integrated iPhone holder

Very little is known about this controller. I haven’t been able to find much in the way of references to it outside of this one article, and a one-line mention in a TteSports press release. TteSports would not respond to requests for comment.

Despite the dearth of available information today, I expect TteSports will be sharing much more about this controller as it gets closer to release. I know a lot of gamers are eagerly awaiting the first full-size bluetooth MFi controller, and it is nice to see another manufacturer enter the race.