Crashlands is Getting MFi Controller Support

Crashlands is currently alpha-testing controller support on Windows. Other platforms – presumably including iOS – are scheduled to support controllers in the future.

HEY, GANG! Have you ever thought, “I sure do love Crashlands, but I wish I could wiggle my thumbs 300% more while I play it!” Well, GOOD NEWS! Now you can, because we have CONTROLLER SUPPORT ready for alpha testing!

Currently the test version is only available for Windows users on Steam, because we haven’t integrated the controller into BscotchID — just gameplay. The goal for now is to find any bugs or problems with gameplay using a controller. Once controller support is implemented 100% into everything, we’ll upgrade controller support to “beta” and bring it to all platforms.

Crashlands is an action-RPG with a Minecraft-style crafting mechanic. It’s an odd mix, but it works wonderfully. The story behind the creation of Crashlands is equal parts inspiring and heartbreaking, but the important thing to most gamers is the end result. The good news: Crashlands is excellent. Shaun Musgrave gave it a perfect grade on TouchArcade. I put a good deal of time into playing it myself, though without controller support, I had no reason to review it. Once MFi controller support arrives, I plan on putting much more time into this one – it’s a classic.