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I have two:

Satellite Reign (spiritual successor to Syndicate)

Shadow Complex

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Please pardon my ignorance here. How will I know if a game I purchased for iPad will run directly on an Apple TV 4th generation or will a separate app need to be purchased? I was hoping a bunch of my current games would run directly on the device.

Also, wondering if productivity apps will become 'universal' for Apple TV as well; ex: text editors, server tools, etc.

And, will iCloud saves sync with Apple TV and devices?

Thank you for clarifying.

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I held out on getting controller await the arrival of the Nimbus.

Have you had any opportunity to play the following games with the Nimbus:

Inferno 2
Space Marshals
Halo Spartan Assault & Strike
Geometry Wars 3
Shadow Blade Reload

Curious if it really matters for the last one since the motion of the character is limited.


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I personally think one the best UI's for an iOS game can be found in "Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved".


I'm also curious how well it performs with the HoriPad.


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Hello XanderDavis,

Your website (linked in your profile) says you worked on Darksiders 2. It also says you worked for Petroglyph (many of whom were involved in the original C&C games?). Excuse me, while I have a nerdgasm chatting with such an experienced developer, that worked on such awesome games.

Calming down, back on topic ...

Have you tried the HoriPad with any racing games? Does it allow you to accelerate and brake well with the pressure pads? How are you hooking up the TV? Does it feel laggy or fairly responsive?

Personally, I mainly play twin stick shooters, but I have a nephew coming over, for a long-term visit, that is totally enamored with racing games on his PS4. So I'm frantically figuring out a way to keep him entertained while I work. I don't have a game console. I started reading about the MFi standard then found this website. There is hope! I am considering a game controller + TV hook-up and voila instant game console. Is it that simple?

I suppose I could wait for this Nimbus controller to come out, but I've been reading complaints about poor build quality with every MFi controller minus the HoriPad and Gamevice. I don't know if a company will magically shift its manufacturing process simply because Apple is a partner. I'm wondering if I should wait or not.

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Based on what you told me, the HoriPad is now on the top of my list. According to the review here it also has the smallest 'deadzone' which is good for twin stick shooters.


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I'm curious why they don't make something that fits every device and case. The current design means that if you want to upgrade your phone or tablet, eventually you'll have to change your entire game controller. The EOL of the game controller is heavily correlated to the lifespan use of your specific device. How many devices have you changed over the past few months or years? New iOS versions eventually mandate a change just to run the device smoothly. Not to mention a lot of people use protective cases that will be incompatible. So something that simply 'clamps on' (as I mentioned in another thread) and works with nearly any device or case would be highly appreciated. Any developer listening?

Think of it this way .. if you buy something for your car or house .. would you prefer to purchase an item that is solely proprietary for the car or house or something that can be removed and utilized with your next purchase? It's the same for computer equipment. Would you buy a mouse that is only specifically made for a computer model or would you prefer something that not only works perfectly with your current computer but can be transitiioned to the next one?

When you buy a propertietory item, more often than not, it will most likely depreciate in value faster than an equivalent item that can continued to be used with something else -- with exception of 'vintage items' which are purely subjective and mainly based on trends.

Sometimes you have no choice - car seats covers, protective cases, etc. But, if given a choice, I think most people will choose the one that is more universal.

Please don't get me wrong. The GameVice sounds completely awesome and the fact it's not dependent on bluetooth is amazing. But I would really like to see something that clamps to the sides and is able to used with nearly any device and case instead of just one specific model. Games are going the way of iCloud saves. I can go from device to another (tablet, phone, upgrading) and continue my progress. The game controller should be made with that in mind as well. Imagine a single game controller that fits anything.

Now one could argue the controller needs to be a different size. But I don't think that's true. I think there can be multiple sizes offered (based on hand comfort) and the customer can choose which size he/she prefers.  If it clamps on, the actual size won't matter as long as it can grasp on to the device.

I typed too much again ... back to work. 😊

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Sounds like the Mad Catz Micro is the best choice. I was also looking at the Horipad but it's difficult to justify the expense. The Horipad also lacks triggers. While I may never use those, it's kind of weird to pay more for a controller only to get less functionality.

Brainstorming off my first cup of coffee:

Any controller developers reading these forums? 😊

I wish someone made a controller that simply clamp-ons to the sides of a device.  That way a person can use all of the real estate of the touch screen for its many changing buttons, yet have the precision movement with sticks and/or additional buttons. I imagine a clamp system that is case or device 'agnostic'. Perhaps with a pass-through cabling system that hooks up to the lightning connector for ultimate precision - not requiring additional batteries, etc. Hmm .. it could even be a controller that is connected in the middle by clamping both sides to itself, but can be split in half -  making for two pieces. Giving a person the choice to clamp (the split-sides) to a device/case or anything else. A simple padded sunglasses style carrying case with matching molded shapes could be used for storage of the device, cables, etc,

With a system like that one could choose to either stand up the iPad or iPhone, playing with a separate controller, or clamp the device to the sides of the device -- perfect for when in public transportation, a plane, etc. The clamp mechanism is key so that it can be used with nearly case style or tablet size -- or a mini version that can be used interchangeably with phones and tablets.

What made me think of this was the following gadget:


So that's used to mount a tablet so a laptop but in principle a similar system could be done for a controller to a tablet (or a phone) whereas I'm thinking the controllers two halves can clamp together forming a seamless single unit if desired. I suppose the outer shape of the clamp could be designed in such a way that one half can clamp over the other (left or right - it doesn't matter which one) to make a solid looking unit.

Imagine something like this:

http://ww1.prweb.com/prfiles/2004/07/21 … ollers.jpg

Now, transform that into the MFi standards, instead of a grip it uses a mounting system, and it able to connected to itself.

Something similar but far less portable:


The cabling could use a wind-up spring kind of system (like the ones you see with the portable phone chargers) where it provides just enough tension to keep the cables from dangling everywhere but enough to connect the two devices (behind the tablet / phone) and to connect a cable from one controller half to the lightning port. If the cables were simply something like micro usb to lightening - so to speak - they could be replaced by other cables if the person so chooses.

Or to put simply: Imagine the Moga Ace Power had a clamping system to attach to any device, combined with short springy cable system (connecting the two units and to the device), yet still able to connect together: http://www.mogaanywhere.com/ace/

I suppose another way to do this would to make a Three Piece System.

Two clamping controllers (left and right)

Middle adjustable plastic piece (that has two sides that can pull  out to shrink or expand -- think keyboard drawer, expanding mop handles, etc.) Or it can simply be two pieces and one goes into the other (clicking inside for size adjustment) -- though that won't be quite as appealing due to lack of visual symmetry.


Single unit = Two controller pieces clamp to center (expandable?) piece.

Two unit = Two controller pieces clamp to each side of a device, center piece put away in storage. For what it's worth the center piece itself could serve additional purposes - cable storage for instance - unless cost is prohibitive.

One last thought ...

It would be nice to see some kind magnetic resistance system vs. the typically archaic spring system. A spring reminds me of a needle riding the groove of a record. Every time it's used, it's going to wear down and become less accurate and its destined to be broken. A company could coin-it, standing out from the competition, as something like "Forever Perfect" because it stays accurate and efficient without the constant spring wear.

Back On Topic:

I was also considering grabbing these to see if they will help with the twin stick shooter thing - especially since precision in sticks is the primary goal.


Do they actually work for my kind of needs? Basically, I want tactile feedback for twin stick shooters. Will they stick on to my Otterbox Defender's built-in screen protector?

Now onto my second cup coffee. 😊

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I mainly play twin stick shooters (such as Inferno 2, Xenowork, and Space Marshals) The actual list of twin stick shooters I have is longer but, unfortunately, not many supoprt MFi. (I wish developers would go back and patch their games!)

I have an iPhone 6 and and iPad 4. My goal is extreme portability as I travel a lot.

A few questions:

Will the SteelSeries Stratus function well for twin stick shooters?
Have you had any success getting it to work with iOS 9?
If you don't recommend the Stratus, can you recommend a better controller for my combination -- playing on either device?

Thank you! 😊