#1 Re: MFi Controllers » Is it not possible to map MFi controllers to on-screen inputs? » Jun 05 6:28 AM

The Nvidia Shield tablet does this, I think it's built into the OS. A similar feature for IOS would be awesome!

#2 Re: iOS Games » Dust: An Elysian Tail » May 03 11:24 PM

An awesome game. Recently completed on PS4, definetly check it out if you haven't tried yet!

#3 Re: MFi Controllers » New iPad Gamevice » May 02 12:47 PM

I use an iPad Mini 4 with gamevice and it's amazing, no regrets. I previously had the gamevice with iPhone 6 Plus and it was a bit awkward on the triggers. The extra real estate on the screen really makes a difference - AG Drive and Heroki are personal faves at the moment. Haven't really noticed a particular loose fit to be honest. I found both gamevices infinitely better than my Moga Rebel that just ended up gathering dust. I imagine an iPad with gamevice would be quite heavy and a bit bulky?