Moonlight - is it safe to jailbreak just for this?

Hi all,

So I just discovered the existence of Moonlight, and the idea of being able to play all my Steam games on my Gamevice with its glorious d-pad has me salivating. The iPad I use for gaming is on 8.2, so from what I understand I should be able to jailbreak pretty easily. However, literally earlier today there was a giant news story about 250,000 jailbreakers getting their Apple accounts compromised, which is not exactly a confidence-inspiring turn of events to someone looking into this option.

My question is whether jailbreaking as a whole makes my whole device and all personal info stored on it vulnerable, or if I'll be safe if I only install stuff whose provenance I know for a fact (like the Moonlight Cydia repo). Alternately, if Moonlight's on the verge of an official iOS release, I'll just hold off on jailbreaking.


I have not jail broken before but I do know a thing or two.
A jailbreak unlocks your devices, alowing it to be minipulated. So it depends what you download, if you download an app that records your screen, who says it stops when you press stop. An app can also do something completely different in the background. Jail breaking can be perfectly safe, or dangerous. I guess you could think of your iPad/iPhone like a fortress city, if you open the gates, scientists or merchants could improve your city, but thieves or spies or diseases could enter too. Regardling "moonlight" I know of a program called moonlight which allows you to stream games from a computer to an iPad, originally called limelight, well it's on the App Store now, in fact I got it, although I haven't used it yet. If your thinking of something else, well I don't know. Anyway I don't think jail breaking is worth it, but is it is legal (in some countries) so it's your choice. Good luck

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people who have jailbroken their device are getting hacked because they forgot to change the default root password of their phone after jailbreaking. there's a list of commands you put in your phone in a terminal tweak that will secure your phone. even i have forgotten to do so occasionally.

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