Install Emulators via Xcode 7

Has anyone played around with installing emulators via the Xcode 7 beta? I installed Provenance on my iPhone without a developer's account.

I haven't tried it myself yet, but I've read it should be possible, which would be awesome! Not only would it be great for emulators, it would get rid of the need to jailbreak for most people.

I've done it, it works well. The only catch is that you can't access the full file system on iOS, so if your emulator depends on files located within the app bundle, you can't modify those files.

I've side loaded the latest RetroArch betas without issue. Unfortunately, RetroArch has gone far downhill since the iOS 7 era. I haven't been able to side load the earlier RetroArch versions yet, but I'm working on it!

I've done this by following a tutorial by zero2029 from RetroArch's iOS subforum. Back then, my macbook was working but crashed on the new beta. Now I can only use Window 10 on my macbook cause it made filevault lock my macOS partition. smfh ok that was TMI sorry.

anyway retroArch worked great. i could play super mario 64 perfectly.

funny thing about retroarch is that updates would sometimes break the game or your settings. cause of me deleting it due to that issue and forgetting to rollback then losing macosx and xcode due to filevault i can no longer play super mario 64 at its very best.