Afterpad Game list update

Hey Kev bit of a big one this regarding your latest game list update.

Games with controller issues:
The Nauts: Does not support controllers (in game) only the menu works.(the game itself is a touchscreen game)

Townsmen - Doesn't support MFi controllers
Townsmen Premium - same as above.

Police Chase Traffic Race: (v1.0.1 current appstore listing).. Never reaches the game as it crashes out back to iOS menu on iOS9 & iOS8 basically it doesn't work whilst a game controller is connected. tried on 3 separate iOS devices all with the same result,however launch the game without a controller connected and go into the main driving game, then connect a controller it works.. until you crash your car of course then it exits out the App when you try to restart the level..basically it's unplayable mess with a controller.

To avoid confusion i'm not listing any of these games on MFi4Gamerz.


I was updating the database from my phone, didn't have a chance to test everything. I went ahead and tested it now...

The Nauts works, it's just really difficult to control. It uses the Ahto keyboard, which is a virtual keyboard with MFi controller support.

Townsmen doesn't seem to work, I pulled it off the list.

Police Chase works, as long as you connect the controller after the game starts. It does break if you leave the controller connected through the loading screen. If it were a paid game, I'd pull it from the list, but thankfully it's not.