Moonlight, Steam & Nimbus?

Well I'm back! lol

This time i'm not interested in moonlight and steam, I have simply bought another Nimbus for use with my Apple TV 4's and iPad's.

Is there a simple way to switch between iPad or Apple TV?

Not a simple way, no. Your best bet is to pair it with both, then disable Bluetooth on your iPad if you want to connect to the Apple TV. If you want to connect to the iPad, put your Apple TV to sleep before you turn on your controller, and hope it connects to the iPad first.

I recently gave moonlight a try.
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Stick dead zone is too large for this to be enjoyable and the screen is a bit too small but it's awesome I can do this. Running can be done by flicking the stick forward once quickly before you move it forward normally. Once you release, you have to repeat the step or you'll just walk. I would recommend mapping the on screen buttons to something you don't use much and then using the two buttons you free up for other things. One can be used for sprint in you don't want to flick the sticks to run. I never found a way to knife with the stock settings.

I maped the onscreen right button to throw naids and top left bumper to run.

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I landed on this thread because I got Moonlight streaming up, and wanted to play games like Fallout 4 on my iPad. Is there any way around the no-stick-click issue yet? The Nimbus looks great aside from that. (At this time I am not interested in rooting the iPad.)

An Mfi controller still may be worth the investment if I have other games that don't need stick-click--I will have to see what I have.