Support for apps/games to scale to screens rather than showing native

With Apple TV, or a HDMI (or VGA) adapter, you can mirror exactly what's on your iPad or iPhone screen to a TV or monitor. Some apps scale to the screen rather than showing it in native. Eg the photo app, displaying PowerPoint (in PowerPoint) or watching videos on Player Xtreme (absolutely fantastic file player for movies)
So I tried looking for GAMES that scale, and couldn't really find any, I found a few, but most were outdated for years (so they definitely didn't have MFi).
So my question is "does anyone know of any good games that have both TV Out (i think that's what it's called..) and MFi support?"

Very, very few. I used to track this, but it's basically limited to Pangea's games: Nanosaur 2, Otto Mattic, stuff like that. Nobody else bothered to support native screen resolutions.

That's unfortunate, I did look at the games, but unless they become free I don't think I'll play them. I wish people would use this feature, so many apps would be great, like Oceanhorn or KOTOR. Although if you use an iPhone you get that 16:9 ratio so it's only a problem on iPad...