My boule game exclusively for the Apple TV just released.


I just wanted to tell you about my new game that was just released on the Apple TV AppStore, after lots of late nights working on it.

The name of the game is: "International Boules" and it is a game where you use the Siri Remote to throw balls, in the same way you would use a Wii Remote.

The game of Boule (also known as Petanque, Bocce or Boccia) is about two teams throwing three balls towards a little white ball on a court of gravel, and the team that ends up with the closest ball, wins the round.

You swing your arm holding the Siri Remote to throw your ball, and you can adjust the speed and at what angle you are throwing the ball by adjusting how you swing your arm and when you let the ball go.

Gameplay video:

Screenshots from the game:

Facebook page:


You will find the game in the Apple TV AppStore by searching for "boules" in the Search-section!

If anyone of you want to play this game for test / review / blog / help spreading the word, I have a couple of promo-codes that I will give to you, so just PM me and we will set something up!

Thank you very much for your time!