No Dust listed?

So I just picked up a Nimbus and have found this site to be awesome for finding mfi games. (the Nimbus app is too out of date)

I was a bit bummed to see Dust, the Elysian Tale not listed but tried it anyway. It works exactly as it does on a PC with an Xbox controller- some of the best pad controls around. How did it get missed?

It was mentioned on the board when the update occured, but I assumed Kevin was just busy and forgot to add it.

I downloaded the game after reading this post.....this has to be one of the top games on iOS. I will remind Kevin to add it right now on Twitter.

Hey can anyone tell kevin to add Mobile Legend: Bang Bang and modern combat 5 to mfi game list. I was about to buy speedy. Thanks

Kevin seems to have disappeared , been real quiet here lately with no updates for almost 2 months!! Hope he's coming back!

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but on the subject of Dust: An Elysian Tail. The Game does have controller support, but when using the Logitech Powershell, the app opens, then closes. With the Powershell removed, the app plays fine.

Does anyone know if an onscreen button mapper has been made for MFI Controllers? Similar to Tincore app for Android, that allows MFI Controller buttons to be mapped to onscreen controls, via drag and drop icons that respond to controller presses and emulate touch screen presses, allowing games without controller support to be played using a controller.