MFI controller with analog push buttons?

Hi, been lurking this site mostly. And i got a steelseries nimbus. But Trying to remote play for PS4 on my iphone 6 plus and it works great but missing analog push buttons. Would you be able to let me know which controllers in your review list has puch analog buttons please? I can find no mention of this anywhere online and steelseries stratus xl seems to say they have 14 buttons instead of 12 on the nimbus. ALso looking at the ttesports contour.

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No joke--I signed up for the forums to ask the exact question you just asked. I am about to buy the PXN Speedy, but wanted to know if the analog joysticks can be pushed in just like on the Xbox One controller. I second ministrinity's request to clarify on a controller-by-controller basis which ones allow the analog sticks to be clicked.

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, no MFi controllers support L3 and R3 buttons. All MFi controllers (except the ancient Logitech Powershell) have the exact same button layouts, which is why I don't specify any differences between them.

Maybe someday Apple will add support for additional buttons, but as it stands, no controllers have these buttons and no iOS games support these buttons

Thanks @Kevin for the quick reply. That is really too bad! For console gaming I regularly rely on the ability to click the analog sticks to do certain things depending on what game I'm playing (melee/crouch/run). Would love to see in the future the Apple MFi specification to account for this functionality. Apple has a good opportunity to turn their iOS devices (and Apple TV) into viable alternatives to console gaming. They just need to listen to the needs of gamers and add support for the things we want. Hopefully in the future the MFi standard evolves to allow/require it.

Thanks for clarifying. That's really too bad. I wonder where the extra two buttons on the stratus XL comes from. in their official website a nimbus has 12 buttons and stratus has 14. Currently R-play for pS4 remote support is really good. but needs a controller with all the buttons. I'm surprised no one has a solution for these shortcomings.