Jailbreak Discussion Section

Welcome to the jailbreak discussion section!

Since the launch of the very first iPhone, many of us have been jailbreaking our devices and installing all manners of apps unsupported by Apple.

Jailbreaking enables a ton of great features Apple doesn't allow, from playing classic console games in emulators to using PlayStation controllers with iOS.

There's one hard and fast rule to this section: absolutely no talk of piracy will be tolerated. No app cracking, no ROM downloading, none of that type of thing.

Emulators are okay to discuss, but under the presumption that you already own every game you're intending to emulate. Discussion about piracy in a general sense, such as arguing about the morality of downloading games or cracking DRM, is okay. The law is quite clear though: piracy is illegal. Aiding people in committing crimes will not be tolerated on this forum.