Mfi dropping after ios10 update. Anyone else?

Issue still exists on 10.1.1 (iPhone 7 Plus, Mad Catz CTRLi).

Testing on 10.2 beta 1 (iPhone 6 Plus) now..

10.2 beta 1: Mad Catz CTRLi did not disconnect after ~1 hour. Will test some more later.

(Update 2)
10.2 beta 1: Mad Catz CTRLi did not disconnect after ~3 hours.

I'm going to cautiously declare that it looks like it's fixed in 10.2 😊

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Thanks for the update.  Sounds promising!

Nice to hear the beta might fix it. Hopefully it is released soon for general consumption.

Thanks for update

Hi.. I have also had these issues..I have an iPhone 5s. On iOS 9.3.5, my Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i seemed to have been working perfectly. Now in iOS 10, not only do I have disconnecting issues, but now whenever I connect to my phone, it connects but it does not give any output. If I test it out in the MC.T.R.L.i app, it does not pick up any input, even if I test it with a game. I was being silly trying to connect it with my android device..I forgot the device from that as well. Has that got to do with my controller issues? Has that broken any firmware? Because I want to know if there is a way to reset this thing

Edit: Okay forget the whole disconnecting there any way I can reset the Micro C.T.R.L.i

2nd Edit: Okay so if any of you have this problem just hard reset your iPhone/iPad (press the home and sleep button) till the apple logo comes..forget your controller, and reconnect. It should work..

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looks like issues fixed on 10.2 beta 1.
but i updated to 10.2 beta 2.
my PXN-6603 is disconnecting again. OMG..

I am using an iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2 both on public iOS 10.2 beta 2. I haven't had any issues with my PXN Speedy 6603 disconnecting yet.

The full release of 10.2 is probably months away. Very frustrating that this large feature would be so broken for so long.

Yeah - it's only because I'm so busy and have competing interests that this isn't a bigger issue for me. But someone who regularly turned to gaming on plane trips or daily transport would be pretty bummed about this.

I don't want to get my hopes up, but I've been reading ios 10.2 is expected in December

Hopefully these Bluetooth fixes are released soon.  I assume most people with the current beta are saying it works now?

I read that iOS 10.2 is a lock for December, so should be soon

i have a CTRLi bought just couple days ago,
on the first day it was ok until a couple hours later it started to laggy

the day after i was playing GTA SA suddenly i became sorta disconnected, i checked the status was connected on the bluetooth settings but i cant check it on my CTRLi apps

any suggestion ?

video >>>