Modern Combat 5 Issue

This may not be the place to ask, but I have tried the Gameloft forums with no luck..

I have installed Modern Combat 5 for AppleTV, and was super excited to give my new SteelSeries Nimbus a try but when I start the game the screen resolution is messed up. I see about a quarter of the display when I start it up as though it is zoomed in. Nowhere else on the AppleTV does this happen including other games like Real Racing 3. I have uninstalled and reinstall a couple of times with similar results.. same thing happens when I try to play D√ľngen Hunter 5 as well (also from Gameloft)...

Any suggestions?

Duplicate, sorry.

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I have another issue with modern combat 5 on the Apple TV.  It always says I need to update to the latest version, but it is on the most current version available. The game is unplayable because of that.  Is your app actually working?

I had some "zoomed" apps on the Apple TV, I had to adjust my tv screen from 16x 9 setting to just zoom (on the tv itself, not the Apple TV.)

My apps were being zoomed a minor amount however, not like in your case.