Mfi dropping after ios10 update. Anyone else?

I had this issue with my Mad Catz CTRL mini controller. Back in December I installed iOS 10.2/10.2.1 public beta firmware for ipad. The issue went away instantly. I have been using the controller almost daily since then and had only several very random crashes (not even sure if it was the controller, or just the general app crash. I have not reverted to standard 10.2 firmware (which is the latest non-beta issue at the moment, afaik). But I have been getting prompted to install further beta version updates, all of which I keep ignoring. I hope that this issue won't be coming back in the new firmware, but I am taking  taking precautions, just in case.

10.2.1 is the latest update. I believe there is a 10.3 beta currently.

Hey everyone. I'm running 10.2.1 iOS and still cannot get my SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller for iPad to connect with my iPad or to any MFi compatible games. What's bizarre is my SteelSeries Stratus XL connects to iPad and all MFi compatible games. Is Apple aware that certain controllers are not recognized on iPads? Mine is BIG too...iPad Air2/128G. This device will pick up my dry cleaning...if you get my drift. And according to most forums, both of my controllers should connect now. The Stratus does not even pretend to connect to iPad but the Stratus works just fine. Both controllers are SteelSeries, so why does one work and not the other if they are both made by same developer using same tcehnology/software in both controllers?
Seriously confused...

It should work now.  I don't own one myself, but I do remember something about a firmware update being issued for some of their controllers due to some issues.  Here is a link to try and update the controller: … controller-

It looks like that link will take you to a page for firmware updates for both the normal Stratus & Stratus XL (Different links depending on the version, and if you use macOS or Windows.

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Thank you so much Capt Moore! Great name btw. I just tried to sync that smaller Stratus and my iPad recognized the device. Thanks again. I love forum because people out there are just so freaking cool.