Gamevice controller on Windows 10 tablet

Hey there.

I'm trying to modify an iPad mini Gamevice controller to work with Windows 10. This seems to be the best controller I have found on the market, so I would really like to achieve this.

I have a Xiaomi mipad 2, which is roughly the same formfactor as iPad mini and runs Windows 10. It seems to fit perfectly in the controller, but ofcourse it has a lighting connector, so it won't work right away.

I have managed to open up the controller and soldered a usb cable to the connectors where the lighting port is connected. It does recognize it as a gamevice device, however it disconnects after a few seconds. This is probably due to it turning off, because the controller doesn't detect a compatible device.

When it's connected, it shows "gamevice" in device manager, but also a warning sign, that there is no driver installed for it.

Would it be possible to get the gamevice working with windows? What do you guys think?
Would be great if I got some help with this.

Otherwise i'd have to completely rewire the thing with something like a teensy.

Thanks in advance.

Nice work so far, man! But i guess that it is really an engineer task and this is probably not the exact profile that you will find here, unfortunately.

Anyway, hope you can achieve that!

Nice idea! Although, as it stands, it may just be a driver issue. The Gamevice driver was designed to communicate with iOS. Unless there is a driver available for Windows, I don't think bluetooth would even suffice. But, there's no harm in trying. You've already rewired to get a USB over lighting dock.

However, it's like a date where two people speak different languages.

Thanks for the replies.
Yeah I guess directly connecting it to USB is a no-go.
I will order a Teensy soon. This is going to be an interesting task.

Hmmm, that will be interesting! If it works, that can open the door for some sweet mods!

I just want to give an update on the matter.

I finally had the time to finish my project. I modded the gamevice controller and completely rewired it on the inside to a teensy 3.2, then reprogrammed the teensy.

I even built in a otg usb hub, usb audio stick and an external usb port for extra storage.

This is the best setup I ever had. This beats my GPD win.

If anyone is interested, I could send photo's. Can I place them on this forum?