Can I use Bluetooth headphone together with a controller ?

I am currently considering if I need to use a lighting connect controller or a Bluetooth controller (my piority)

As my primary choice of headphone is the JBL yurbuds witless .

Guys please kindly advise.  LOL

Apple says you can have upto 7 Bluetooth devices connected simultaneously (depending on the device's profiles). There is no reason you shouldn't be able to connect a game controller and your wireless headphones.

You can use both, no problem at all I have the nimbus and use Bose QC 35's.

I seem to recall that Apple says that on the Apple TV 4, you can connect 4 Bluetooth Controllers, BUT if you have an audio Bluetooth devices connected, you can only have ONE Bluetooth Controller.

Hello there,
Which bluetooth headphones have an excellent voice/microphone quality?
Thanks in advance

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