I have a question about creating a knowledge base

Hello, everyone! I have a question about creating a knowledge base for my project. I'm looking for ways to organize information to give users quick and easy navigation through all of our resources. Does anyone have any experience in this area?

When I created my knowledge base, I began by carefully planning the structure. It was important to organize the information into logical sections and subsections so that users could easily find the information they needed. I also used categories and tags for easier navigation.

I can't say that I have experience in creating knowledge bases specifically for software, but I have worked on similar projects in other areas. I can share some ideas and tips if that would be helpful to you. It is important that the knowledge base is well structured and has easy navigation. Separation into categories and subcategories can be helpful. Also, the ability to search by keywords or phrases is worth paying attention to. Keeping the information up to date is very important. I plan to set up regular revisions of the Nimbus Knowledge Base and assign people responsible for updating and checking the information. I'm also considering adding a feedback function from users so that they can report inaccuracies and suggest improvements.