Purchased/Wish Lists

There are so many games to sift through at times, it would be nice to log in and mark a game as purchased, or add it to a wish list, etc.

Maybe even make these lists publishable on the forums.


I'd love to do something like this of course, and I definitely agree about all the potential benefits. I just don't know where to begin with actually coding something like that!

Now that I have the forums up, and an account system is in place, I can start to figure out how to add this sort of thing to the existing forum accounts. But it is well outside my area of expertise, and I haven't really even started yet.

Someday, but it'll take time...

I'm fairly new to web development myself, but I have a couple ideas on how you might build it. Let me know if you'd like another set of inexperienced eyes ?

If you have any ideas, let me know, I'm honestly not even at the point where I'm conceptualizing how I'll do it yet!

I'll probably avoid local cookies, do it all with the forum account system. There are a couple of other features I'll be doing first, too...

I haven't had much of a chance to think about this, but using the forum account and local storage instead of cookies would be the way I'd go.

Apple introduced some new ways to do iCloud storage of web data recently, I'll be looking into that too. Eventually, I'll definitely want an AfterPad app.

Managing game libraries can get overwhelming. I remember when I used to collect physical discs and it was easier to keep track of what I had. A digital wishlist or a purchased list would definitely help streamline things.I often find myself browsing through games, adding titles to mental lists of what I want to play next. It would be great to have that organized online too, maybe even share recommendations with others on the forums.When I need a break from all the decision-making, I like to unwind with a game of Spider Solitaire. It’s a classic and surprisingly soothing.

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