The AfterPad Forums Rules and Policies

AfterPad is a community for iOS fans, gamers, and Apple enthusiasts. It is designed to be an friendly and inclusive enviroment for discussing these topics.

I don't want to bog everything down with a bunch of rules or instill a sense of fear. We've all seen forums like that, nobody likes it. If you're here for the right reasons, and if you treat everyone else here with respect, you'll be fine.

It's still important to establish some basic standards and policies. So that when you join, you understand that you're joining a community that engages in rational discourse, a community that doesn't discriminate against it's members, a community that's passionate about gaming and about iOS. That's who we are.

Harassment and Discrimination

AfterPad has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination of any kind, in general and against specific people.

We are open to all, irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality - everyone is welcome to participate in these forums. No exceptions.

If you are the victim of harassment from a member of these forums, either publicly or privately, let a moderator or administrator know immediately. If you think it's acceptable behavior to treat another member of this site with anything less than the respect they deserve as a gamer and a human being, you aren't welcome here.

Advertising and Promotion

AfterPad is an advertising-free site. That's just as true for the front page as it is for the forums.

If you've created a game or an app that you'd like to share with the forum, there's nothing wrong with posting a thread about it. If you've written a great article that fits within the focus of this site, feel free to cross-post it in the forums.

This doesn't mean it is okay to spam. Don't post apps that have nothing to do with the focus of the site. Don't post threads that just link to other sites. In other words, if you're not here to participate in meaningful discussion, and are only interested in driving traffic elsewhere, you probably don't belong here.

AfterPad makes it's money exclusively from affiliate links. Basically, when you buy something from the App Store using a link from this site, Apple pays me a small commission on the purchase. Those links keep the site ad-free and free to read. Eventually, AfterPad affiliate tokens will be included with links to the App Store and related sites. These are not tracking cookies - they simply tell the relevant sites being linked to that AfterPad found the customer for them.

Personal Information and Privacy

AfterPad doesn't track you. AfterPad does not sell you to advertisers. AfterPad doesn't give your personal information to anyone.

The only information I want from any of you is what you choose to share here on this forum.

I believe privacy is a fundamental human right. I respect yours. I expect you to do the same for everyone else on this site.

If you have personally identifiable information about someone, whether they're a member of this site or not, keep it to yourself - let them share it if they want. We're a gaming community, not a gossip site.

Business Model Discussion

It's impossible to talk about mobile gaming without addressing the topic of business models. Freemium, free-to-play, predatory pricing - it goes by many names.

It's an important topic to discuss, and it is by no means off-limits. But don't derail the discussion threads of specific games with useless comments. Such as "f2p sux don't buy". Try to contribute - if a game's free to play elements interfere with the experience of playing that game, explain how.

This goes the other way, too. Comments like "$9.99 is too much for an iPhone game, I'm waiting for a sale" don't contribute anything. If a game is a worse value than a similar game at a lower price, that might be worth mentioning. But simply complaining about a price tag doesn't help anyone - they either already agree with you or already disagree with you.

Rights and Credits

By posting content to AfterPad, you grant us a non-exclusive right to that content.

To clarify, this means a few things: It means we can display your posts in the forums. It means if you write a post or share a picture that is particularly interesting, it might be shared on the AfterPad homepage or social media accounts.

AfterPad does not own the things you post here. You own them. You're just giving AfterPad the right to use the content you share.

I have no interest in depriving anyone from credit to the things they create, either - if you feel we've used or displayed your content in a way you aren't happy with, let us know immediately.

Conclusions and Future

I think this list has gone on enough for now. The rules here are a living document. They'll change, they'll be modified as necessary.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, don't hesitate to share. These forums depend on the community being happy. I built this place for the community, and I want it to exist in a way that makes the community feel happy, safe, welcome, and inspired.