My Games for Apple TV (Greedy Mouse & Karma Miwa)

as im wrote in the another thread, im are one of the lucky owner of the Apple TV Dev Kit. My goal is port my games over.

Im do not do any impressions of the new Apple TV device (and edited out my games from other thread, better to create a new thread intead), only the open debate of that.

Currectly Im have 4 games on the AppStore (and on Android):

- Genius Greedy Mouse with Mfi support (Puzzler).
- Karma Miwa with Mfi support (Platform).
- CatchOut with Mfi support.
- Spot Race with no sense to get Mfi support (Puzzler).

Im plans to port all titles over to Apple TV. Spot Race wont support a GamePad, due nature of the game, but using the trackpad.

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Finally today, im got Genius Greedy Mouse and Karma Miwa succesful ported to the new Apple TV.

Both Games support Mfi gamepad controllers as well the remote.

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Greedy Mouse and Karma Miwa is ready to sale on Apple TV.

Both games support gamepad controllers and is playable with the remote.

Greedy Mouse is also this kind of game, that works perfectly with the remote (include on Android TV), since its a one button game.