Game crashing on iOS updates - Who's to blame? Devs or Apple?

I've just read another article in Touch Arcade about Bioshock crashes due to iOS 8.4 updates.

Because this is not the first time this happens, do you think that this is a developer or Apple fault?

I don't have a final opinion about this, but sometimes I've just keep imagining what would happen if everytime Sony launches a PS4 update a lot of games start crashing like in the iOS universe... Can we compare these scenarios? Because in this case, Apple should be more careful in app approval processes or in making APIs obsoletes (or something like this).

Hey there,
In my opinion, Apple needs to constantly improve performance of iOS to give it's users the best upto date O/S experience possible.
So some major overhauls under the hood are required, this in turn can effect Apps released on earlier rev's of the O/S. iOS 8.3 over 8.4 for example.
However Apple always release developer tools & Xcode updates prior to the launch of a new OS Rev.
So to answer your question.. it is the developers fault they have not got round to recompiling on the latest version and release an update to their App not Apple.
But keep in mind game development is an unstable business if your not Mojang or Gameloft.
A studio that produced the original game may no longer exist & the main coder is now working for another company, possibly a rival company in some cases the game gets left in "AppStore Limbo" so to speak.
Funny thing is Apple make it really easy to update your Apps to the latest versions, in most cases it's simply a case of a recompile with latest version of XCode.
I really wouldn't compare a PS4 update to Apple as the download sizes especially for games are MASSIVE compared to iOS games, also Apple Apps are entirely DLC over physical BlueRay discs available on the PS4, but i can see your point it would be an absolute nightmare on PS4 if this was the case. 😉
Hope this explains a few things.

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It's easy to put this on the developers for not updating their apps. The problem is, Apple does a terrible job at rewarding developers for keeping apps updated.

If Apple provides no meaningful way for "premium" games to have a long-term income, big developers have no incentive to keep those games updated.

Ironically, freemium games are perfectly incentivized to recieve constant updates, since they make their money over a long period of time, rather than upfront.

Not sure what the solution to this is...

Perhaps a solution would be to let Apple have access to the source code and let them recompile apps for the developers. Add this to the yearly developer fee and Apple could start gathering statistics as to what is causing issues, etc, and they could proactively let devs know when their apps are broken.