Gamevice for iPad Mini Review

Review is up! I wanted to wait to learn more about the iPad Mini 4 before posting it.

Spoiler alert: best MFi controller ever.

Good review, you covered my one big issue with it as well only working with mini.  We have heard iPhone version has lighting port does that hold true for air version as well?


I don't think so, no. It seems almost identical to the iPad Mini version, aside from a longer bridge piece

I've been loving the Gamevice in my Mini 3! For what it's worth, an iPhone 6 Plus will fit into the groove/socket of the Gamevice and work fine with it (at least what I have tested). I didnt plug in the Gamevice while testing this however so cant attest to whether that would be ok or not. An iPad Air wont fit into the lightning connector side because the bottom right edge of the groove prevents the iPad from sliding in. (I know the left side wouldnt fit anyways but thought it might be neat to test if the right side had fit)

What I have been wondering is what connects the left side of the Gamevice with the right side. Is there a cable that runs in the middle of the rubber connector or is there some kind of wireless connection from the left to right side?

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