About Minecraft PE's mfi support

THEY FIXED IT! FINALLY there's a new update with fix ! 😊 😊 😊 it's still a bit stuttery, but most certainly playable! Also tons of new redstone stuff 😊 I can finally love MCPE again 😉

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I know this isn't about controllers, but with MCPE 0.14 you can now scale down the GUI, which looks so much better on iPads, iPad were previously plagued by the big buttons and menus, which was annoying because you had to scroll quite far to find an item in creative. Anyway check it out

iPhallex wrote:

Now that it's been a month or so, can anyone confirm if any updates have been made to this issue? Thanks in advance!

It's fixed now! I'm putting in 3+ hours of Minecraft gaming in everyday thanks to the improved controller support. Camera movement can still be slow on default settings, but if you increase the camera speed in the settings, it becomes much more playable. Controller support is truly beautiful on Minecraft PE now. And because of it, I'm playing WAY more! 😊