GDC 2016 First Impressions: VR Everywhere

After two years running AfterPad, I managed to make the big leagues – GDC – Game Developer Conference ! I’m here as media, ready to cover all the mobile gaming news I can find.

AfterPad is at GDC!

The GDC expo itself won’t start until Wednesday, but Monday brings a number of conferences and developer discussions.

Right from the start, one thing is abundantly clear here at GDC: VR is everywhere. Mobile VR, desktop VR, console VR, AR, cardboard-style VR – literally every form of VR you could imagine is on display at practically every booth.

Mobile VR is the hot new thing

Throughout the conference, I’ll be doing my best to find as much mobile-gaming-focused content as possible. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find some controller-based news. But one thing is becoming increasingly clear: I’m probably not going to find much hardcore mobile-gaming-related news that doesn’t incorporate VR in one form or another.