List of iOS 9 Optimized Apps On The App Store

iOS 9 comes out today, and I wanted to assemble a list of apps designed to take advantage of all its new features.

Most of the benefits of iOS 9 can only be realized when apps are submitted to take advantage of all the new features. Split screen, picture-in-picture, dynamic scaling, etc. all require developers to recompile their apps for iOS 9.

Below is a partial list of updated apps. As more and more apps hit the store with iOS 9 specific features, I’ll update the list with some of the highlights. The list will get unmanageable soon, of course, but I’ll keep it updated for the near future.

Know of an app with iOS 9 specific features that I haven’t added to the list? Drop by the forum and post about it! I’m especially interested in iPad apps with split-screen multitasking – once you get used to that, it’s painful to go back to swiping through full-screen apps.