Logitech PowerShell Overview

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The Logitech PowerShell controller was an iPhone game controller produced by Logitech.

The PowerShell features 4 pressure-sensitive face buttons (ABXY), a circular d-pad, left and right shoulder buttons, and a pause button. This is unlike every other MFi controller, which follow Apple's "Extended" controller layout specification by include 2 additional shoulder triggers and 2 analog sticks.

The PowerShell includes an integrated 1500mAh battery, which roughly doubles the battery life of the connected device. It also comes with a headphone extension adapter, allowing headphone, mic, and remote control passthrough via the iPhone’s built-in headphone port.

The PowerShell connects to the iPhone via the Lightning port, and is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPod Touch (5th Gen). Due to the physical tightness of the fit, the iPhone 5C and all iPhone cases are incompatible with the PowerShell.


An early version of the PowerShell was shown off to developers during the introduction of iOS 7 and the MFi controller program. This early model of the PowerShell was made available to a limited subset of game developers during and after WWDC. Logitech hired industrial design firm Design Partners to turn the original design into a commercial product, replacing the early prototype with a finalized product.

The PowerShell received a limited release in November of 2013, with availability limited to flagship Apple Stores. Logitech has subsequently expanded the retail presence and availability of the PowerShell dramatically - it’s now possible to find the PowerShell on store shelves all over the world, in major retail locations such as Target and Best Buy, as well as in boutique retailers such as Apple. Of all currently available MFi game controllers, the PowerShell has seen the widest and most ambitious release.

As of 2015, the PowerShell seems to have been discontinued. All mention of it has been removed from Logitech's website, and the controllers are heavily discounted from their original $99 price tag - often less than $10 with free shipping on Amazon.

Compatible Games

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