TteSports MFi Controller To Be Revealed at CES 2015?

TteSports, the competitive gaming branch of PC gaming hardware company ThermalTake, recently took to Facebook to share a teaser image for their upcoming “Contour” MFi controller.

TteSports MFi Controller Facebook CES2015 teaser image
Soon? (Source:Facebook)

This new teaser image shows an updated and polished version of the controller design revealed at Computex this year, which was acknowledged to be a hardware prototype.

Accompanying the teaser image on Facebook was the hashtag #CES2015. Presumably, that means we can expect to see a public reveal of this controller at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January.

While January is a long way away from the September / October timeframe hinted in the original demonstration video, that timeframe always seemed completely unfeasible in the first place, considering the state of the first prototype, and the fact that TteSports didn’t have MFi approval for their design, and likely wouldn’t get it unless things like Android compatibility were removed.

Despite the potentially long wait for this controller to be released, the design actually looks quite excellent. It’s full size, substantial, with solid looking analog inputs, a foldable arm for holding an iPhone, and a decent looking d-pad. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until next year’s CES for some more information about it.