Updated: Zombie Goddess

Zombie Goddess was recently updated with more content, expanded controller support (with camera control!), faster gameplay pacing, more generous coin drops, and improved polish and bug-fixing. And the removal of a checkbox that was of questionable taste.

In my review of Zombie Goddess, I characterized it having a great gameplay foundation, but in need of more content. That’s truer now than ever. Zombie Goddess is even more now than it was before, which makes the desire for more content even stronger.

zombie goddess screenshot
Zombie slashing, even better than before

It’s great that the developers are actively responding to criticisms and user requests – it is a really nice thing to see in the App Store, where games are so often abandoned after the initial hype dies down. Developer Zozogame managed to address basically every complaint I had about the previous version, and pretty much every one I’ve seen, save for the one big one – more content.

Now that the base gameplay has been further polished and improved, I’m looking forward to seeing additional content on top of it. The developers plan to add boss fights, additional weapons, loot drops – and some even more expansive plans after that. It’s great to see the developers actively improving things, and I’m looking forward to seeing these updates released. Zombie Goddess is a very fun, though somewhat limited, experience. It’s worth a download, especially if the developers continue to update at this pace.