Big Discount for the Horipad

Amazon has the original Horipad MFi controller on sale for $49 – $30 less than it’s usual price.

The Horipad is an excellent controller. At the time of my in-depth review, it was my favorite MFi controller available. It’s excellent d-pad makes it a great choice for retro gamers, and it’s 4 rear shoulder buttons makes for a perfect controller for PlayStation-era games.

Picture of the Horipad
The Horipad is an excellent PlayStation-style controller

The newer Horipad Ultimate controller is probably a better choice for most people, but the original is also excellent. Both are among my favorite MFi controllers.

If you’ve been waiting for a price drop on the original Horipad, and you prefer it’s circular d-pad and four shoulder buttons to the newer Horipad Ultimate’s plus-pad and triggers, now is a great chance to pick up a great controller.