#1 Apple Talk » Apple's Policy on Apps Pulled from the App Store » Sep 23 11:37 AM

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I was troubled to find that when an app is pulled from the storefront, it is not always still available to download if you have already purchased the app. I was under the assumption that if an app is pulled, you still have the ability to download anything you've paid for (whether they work with future versions of iOS is another story).

Has it always been this way? This seems unbelievably anti-consumer, and terribly troubling. Do many other digital storefronts have the same type of policy?

#2 Re: iOS Games » Bioshock » Sep 23 11:33 AM

It's been gone since July I believe. The more troubling thing is, it seems to have been pulled completely, meaning if you own it you are unable to redownload it regardless of it being pulled from the storefront.

#3 iOS Games » Games that NEED MFi Controller Support! » May 05 12:19 PM

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There are a selection of excellent games out there on iOS that would be unbelievably better with proper controller support. Here's my small list so far:

- Sine Mora
- Castle of Illusion
- Mutant Mudds
- Ms. Splosion Man
- Stealth Inc.
- Deus Ex: The Fall
- Doom (and a handful of other classic FPSes, like Wolfenstein and Shadow Warrior)
- Shantae: Risky's Revenge (proper MFi support)

* Goat Simulator was taken off the list because it finally got controller support. Nice!

#4 Re: iOS Games » Partial controller support in Deus Ex » May 05 12:12 PM

I have had the exact same experience. It seems to have some of the hooks for controller support baked in, but not full, actual support. So disappointing.