#1 Re: MFi Controllers » Gamevice controller on Windows 10 tablet » May 29 10:52 PM

Nice work so far, man! But i guess that it is really an engineer task and this is probably not the exact profile that you will find here, unfortunately.

Anyway, hope you can achieve that!

#2 Re: MFi Controllers » MadCatz CTRLi calibration problem » Nov 06 8:56 AM

I am having a similar problem in the left analog stick (L3). I am not touching the control but it understands that i am always pressing "up". This issue made any game impossible to play. In some games (like GTA), it is like the character is in "cruise control" mode... =P

I had to retire my CTRLi with less than 9 months of use, because i am from Brazil and i dont have support from Mad Catz here (i think)...

#3 Apple Talk » Game crashing on iOS updates - Who's to blame? Devs or Apple? » Jul 02 3:16 AM

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I've just read another article in Touch Arcade about Bioshock crashes due to iOS 8.4 updates.

Because this is not the first time this happens, do you think that this is a developer or Apple fault?

I don't have a final opinion about this, but sometimes I've just keep imagining what would happen if everytime Sony launches a PS4 update a lot of games start crashing like in the iOS universe... Can we compare these scenarios? Because in this case, Apple should be more careful in app approval processes or in making APIs obsoletes (or something like this).

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MFiGamer wrote:

Hey Jinjas,
I too went down that road, i absolutely love the idea of big screen gaming from an iOS device!
I have tried many combinations Airplay/Lightning and Apps that stream content from your iOS device to PC's,Monitors.
I can claim yes they all work!
The question is really to what acceptable degree that can they work, for instance platforming games require precise timing, these show up your lag very obviously.
I have found no solution on iOS 2 Bigscreen that's give me a good experience for these kinda games..
Even the lightning cable i tested, i found there is an 80ms lag.
This is unacceptable for platformers or fps, basically any game that requires fast responses.
Bluetooth Controllers including MFi all have a latency of 15-10ms or below, it's this latency threshold that is required for serious gaming.
Saying all this turn based games/rpg's etc play perfectly fine on the Bigscreen where no fast actions are required.
I have come to the conclusion the hardware is not up to scratch for true "lag free" gaming just yet, especially for Platformers/FPS.

I too am holding out for ATV4th gen before i revisit the possibility of iOS bigscreen gaming again.

Hi MFiGamer,

You are right! Only turn based games, some puzzles and a few RPGs are playable in the big screen.

Even this way, you need a lot of patience to do that. Sometimes i try to give another chance to accept this issue, but in the end i choose to play direct in my iphone + madcatz + support clip.

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Kevin wrote:

I'm working on another article about Airplay latency at the moment, actually, but I'll stream-of-consciousness some of my thoughts down out here.

It's a bit more complicated than you'd expect. A8 powered devices *greatly* outperform A7 devices over AirPlay - almost half the latency - and show modest gains over Lightning.

Similarly, the "silent revision" Apple TV 3 v2 is significantly better than the standared Apple TV 3, due to the fact that it makes a direct P2P connection between the iPhone and the Apple TV, rather than bouncing to the router first.

Lastly, bluetooth controller latency GREATLY compounds AirPlay latency. The Gamevice guys claims that in their testing, bluetooth lag acts as a multiplier to streaming latency, rather than strictly being additional - meaning 10ms bt latency and 80ms AirPlay latency actually lags far more than 90ms.

My own testing suggests that wired controllers do perform noticably better than wireless ones over streaming, though not to the point of being a straight multiplier. The bad news is, the only wired controllers currently available are for the iPhone 5S form class, which lags twice as much as newer A8-powered devices. The good news is, I'm testing a few new wired controllers for A8 (and presumably A9) devices, so this won't be a problem for long.

As for whether it's playable, a lot of that comes down to you. I've been playing through Sonic 1 on an iPhone 6 using a lightning-connected controller and an Apple TV 3 v2, and I'm doing fine. I found this same setup unplayable with an iPhone 5S + Moga Ace Power and a Apple TV 3 v1.

The one thing I'm on the fence about is whether the Apple TV 3 v2 is superior to the Lightning to HDMI cable. My gut says the Lightning output is a bit better. The problem is, it occupies a Lightning port, thus requiring you to use a Bluetooth controller, which compounds the lag even more and erases any gains.

If someone were to ask me today what the best way to play iPad games on the TV is, I'd probably recommend an Apple TV 3 v2, iPad Air 2, and the Gamevice.

For iPhone 6 gamers, there's no great controller cases out now (we're a few months away from one), so I'd say probably Lightning-to-HDMI and a Mad Catz or Hori controller (the SteelSeries ones lag more).

Hi Kevin!

This is new for me. What exactly is this apple tv 3 v2? Is it an OS upgrade or a different hardware?
My current set up is a mad catz controller, iphone 6 plus, digital adapter (or apple tv 3). I am not sure if it a v1 or v2...

Just for curiosity: a ps3/ps4 controller suffers from the same lag? 10ms looks like a considerable delay for a game console...

#6 Apple TV » Air Play Mirroring (via Apple TV or Digital Adapter) » Jun 30 1:10 PM

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Hi Kevin! I opened this thread to discuss what you and other users think about playing iOS games in the big screen, while the fourth generation Apple TV does not come for us. ☺️

First, i tried to play some games using Air Play in my Apple TV, but even after the last iOS improvement, the lag and frequent disconnections made this option useless for gaming. In my opinion, of course.

So, i bought a Lightning Digital Adapter. Because i know that FPS, racing and fighting games are impossible to play with any delay, i tried to play Lego Beyond Gotham in this set up. But even in this game, the controls response are so annoying that i am studying to sell my adapter...

My question is: are you playing iOS games in your TV without any complaints?

#7 Re: Site Feedback » Games section feedback » Jun 30 11:43 AM

Kevin wrote:

Jinjas wrote:

Hi Kevin.

Do you plan to add a search option in the MFi games list? Because the "all games" list is getting bigger everyday, an option to search if a specific game has controller support would be nice!

Awesome site, by the way!

Glad you like the site!

It'll come, it's harder than it seems to implement one. Categories and genre sorting will come before native search.

You can actually search the game list right now in mobile Safari. Type your search term into URL bar, and choose the bottom option in the search bar to search in-page.

Yes, the safari search option is an alternative solution for now, but even with the performance tuning that you made (and it was a very good job, by the way!) in the mobile site, load more than 700 game icons, texts and links to use the safari search is taking a long time, considering cellular connections in my area.

But it was just a feedback for you to add in your backlog list. I know that should be a list of other implementations being planned!

Thank you!

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Hi Kevin.

Do you plan to add a search option in the MFi games list? Because the "all games" list is getting bigger everyday, an option to search if a specific game has controller support would be nice!

Awesome site, by the way!

#9 Re: Site Feedback » AfterPad 2.0 » Jun 18 8:05 PM

Hi Kevin! Congratulations from Brazil! The new site is so fast that Google might be envy of you.

Do you have a gamecenter user? What is your primary choice for gaming: 6, 6 plus, ipad mini etc?

See ya